How do I contact The Birth Center ?

The best and easiest way to obtain prompt information and ask questions is to simply call us.  We are available to you, Monday through Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm.   We are always available to our mothers for urgent/emergent questions, issues and labor 24/7.  We have an after hours answering service that will connect you with the Midwife on call.  Please call 912-629-6262.

Are there criteria for which women can safely have their babies at the Birth Center?

There are eligibility criteria and we are happy to share them with you. In summary, you might say that any healthy woman with one baby coming head first near conclusion of a full-term pregnancy is considered eligible to have her baby at the Birth Center! Rather than excluding most women, the majority of women could safely have their babies in a Birth Center environment.

What is the cost of prenatal care and delivery at the Birth Center?

The cost of midwifery care and birth at the Center is substantially lower than the cost of having a baby in the hospital. For this reason, the birth center is often an excellent choice for self-pay clients or clients with high deductibles. The business staff will assist you with insurance questions and payment plans.

What kind of insurance is accepted at the Birth Center?

Most private insurance plans are accepted by the Midwife Group. We also, accept Georgia Medicaid.

How do I find out if my insurance plan will pay for my prenatal care and birth?

Our billing company, Larsen Billing, can verify your insurance benefits for you.  There is a small fee for this service but once this is done, the information is yours, even if you decide to go elsewhere.  This will give you the financial information necessary to plan your prenatal, birth and postpartum care according to your needs and abilities.   Please note: Tricare and Medicaid do not have to be pre-verified.  Please contact our office for further information.

Certified Nurse Midwives (licensed in all 50 states) and Birth Centers are covered by many insurance plans.  Some plans, however, may consider a Certified Nurse Midwife or Birth Center to be “Out of Network”.  Some health insurance plans will not allow Certified Nurse Midwives or Birth Centers to apply to be “in network providers”.  Another issue we have encountered is when we have applied, the reimbursement they offer to be an “in network provider” or “in network facility”, is so low that is does not come close to the cost of care.  We would prefer to be “in network” with all the major plans but when they offer reimbursement less than cost, it is not feasible.  You can assist with this inequality by talking to your human resources representative handling health insurance at your company and request that this be rectified.  Another avenue is contacting  the Georgia State insurance commissioner and discuss this issue with them.

Many insurance companies, that may be out of network, may approve “an exception” since no services like those provided at the Birth Center are available anywhere else in the area/state.  This may be an option for you, if you find yourself “out of network”.

We are a great alternative if you are self pay or have a high deductible.  Please call 912-629-6262 and ask to speak to the patient representatives that handle insurance questions.

Is there an obstetrician/gynecologist involved in my care?

The midwives work in collaboration with obstetrician- gynecologists. That means that if a problem arises, the midwife is able to consult with or refer to our physicians. In most pregnancies, the woman is cared for exclusively by the nurse midwives.  The Certified Nurse Midwives have privileges at Memorial University Medical Center and if an issue arises that requires a hospital setting, the CNM’s can usually continue to care for you there.

Will I be able to handle labor without an epidural?

There are many simple measures that are helpful in reducing pain and discomfort in labor. The freedom to move about, to eat and to drink provides comfort to the woman in labor. The continuous presence of the midwife and the woman’s loved ones provides support and encouragement for the woman to relax and allow her body function. Pain medications are also available. Some women and midwives refer to immersion in a warm whirlpool tub as an “aquadural” because of its ability to soothe and help the mother to relax with her labor.   The use of a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit and a Nitrous Oxide Inhalation System for easing discomfort is available as well.  If a special circumstance requires an epidural, the woman and her midwife can move into a hospital setting.

Will I be offered the opportunity to develop my own birth plan?

The hallmarks of midwifery care at the Birth Center are choices, options and freedom. We want you to develop a birth plan and we respect your decision making.

What if something happens in labor?

Over the years, the midwives have handled a variety of special circumstances at the Birth Center. Nearly all of these are non-emergency situations. The midwives have protocols and a system in place for safe and efficient transport to Memorial University Medical Center if that should be necessary.

How long is the postpartum stay at the Birth Center?

The postpartum stay is intended to ensure that mother and baby are well and stable before they return home. This can be as short as 4-6 hours.  If there is a medical reason for the mother or baby to remain at the Birth Center longer than 12 hours, this time frame can be lengthened.  Most women prefer the idea of returning to their own home and bed for the quality rest and relaxation that it brings. The midwives prepare families for what to expect after the baby is born and you and your baby will return to the center to be checked in the first few days after birth.

Are childbirth classes available?

Preparation for childbirth, baby care and breast feeding are incorporated in all aspects of prenatal care. If a woman is enrolled in Prenatal Care “Plus,” education is part of the program. Women who are receiving traditional prenatal care are offered different options for childbirth, breastfeeding and other education.

Is a water birth an option at the Birth Center?

The Birth Center has over 28 years experience with water births. Water birth is a safe experience for the mother and baby.

What if my birth requires a Cesarean section?

The Center has the lowest Cesarean section rate in the region. If a Cesarean is necessary for a safe birth, the mother is transported to the hospital and our collaborating Ob-GYN manages this surgical procedure.

What if I choose to have my baby boy circumcised?

Our practice values individual choice.  After education, consideration and informed consent, if this is your choice for your baby boy, we can provide further information.

Do you have WiFi access?

Yes, We have two choices to choose from.  You will search the following from your phone or wireless device:  Xfinity Wifi or Cable Wifi.

If you are a Comcast/Xfinity customer for your personal internet service provider, choose the Xfinity Wifi network and log in using your Comcast/Xfinity login and password.

If you have any other internet service provider, choose the Cable Wifi network and log in using your personal login and password for your regular ISP.

Please bring this information with you.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

The Midwife Group and Birth Center has a Facebook page for the practice.  You can find resources, links, questions and scheduled events there.  Please like our page and follow the Birth Center to keep informed of events and classes.  There is also a Facebook page that is administered by a group of moms who are local parents and Birth Center advocates where you can find friends, like minded families and learn about local resources.

Lovely Births at the Birth Center