Please note this list of birth announcements is not inclusive of all the births that occurred during this calendar month. Births included are ones in which we had signed birth announcement releases. If you do not see your birth announcement and would like it added, please contact the office for a release form. Thank you.

Kezney Ruthann  12/5/2008; 12:24pm; 7lbs 10oz; 20 1/2 inches; proud parents Kristopher & Elizabeth; proud grandparents Patricia, Pam

Jackson Dean  12/5/2008; 1:53pm; 7lbs 14oz; proud parents Chad & Tasha

Archer Liam  12/5/2008; 2:45pm; 7lbs 14oz; proud family John, Tiffany, Audrey; proud grandparents Louise, Rev. William & Diana

William Adam  12/5/2008; 6:30pm; 8lbs 9oz; 20 inches; proud family Mark, Corie, Joshua, Isabel; proud grandparents Nanny, Poppy, Mama-Jo, Go-Go

 Audrey Lynn  12/12/2008; 1:15pm; 7lbs 6oz; 20 inches; proud family Sharla, Nathan, Anthony; proud grandparents Rhonda & Mark, Brenda & Jimmy

Hannah Lynn  12/16/2008;  1:55pm;  7lbs 15oz;  21 inches;  proud family Scott, Jennifer, Madison & Ethan; proud grandparents Carter & Kim, Norman & Becky, John & Virginia

Caden Michael  12/24/2008;  1:19pm;  7lbs 0oz; 20 1/2 inches; proud parents Tiffany & Scott;  proud grandparents Micheal, Steve & Wanda

Orren Kiet  12/25/2008;  11:10am;  9lbs 9oz;  21 inches; proud family Thaksin, Anna, Erin; proud grandparents Andi & Charlie

Joseph Daniel  11/2/2008; 1:05am;  7lbs 5oz; 19 1/2 inches; proud parents Jose’ & Lori; proud grandparents Juan Jose’ & Isabel, Daniel & Valeri

Marley Ruth Okalani  11/3/2008;  9:19pm;  8lbs 14oz; 21 1/4 inches; proud parents Samantha & Patrick; proud grandparents David & Jean, Paul & Gwen

Violet Michelle  11/5/2008; 2:27am; 6lbs 11oz; proud parents Michal & Jodie

David Earl II  11/10/2008; 10:26pm; 7lbs 10oz; 20 1/2 inches; proud parents David & Christy


Elliot James  11/13/2008; 6:22pm;  9lbs 6oz; 21 inches; proud family Troy, Jessica, Annika Joy, Samuel Kirkland; proud grandparents John & Claudia, James & Judy


Nya Janae’  11/14/2008; 6:30am; 6lbs 0oz; 20 inches; proud parents Gregory & Melody

Edison Xavier  11/16/2008; 12:01am; 8lbs 5oz; 21 inches; proud family Greg, Stacey, Isabel, Maya, Lucy; proud grandparents Jim & Joanne, Clayton & Audrey

Josiah Xavier  11/16/08; 12:10pm; 6lbs 14oz; proud parents Christina & Micheal

Katherine Rowan  11/30/08;  11:39pm; 7lbs 12oz; proud family Trish, Ben, Baker, Noah & Jacob (the big brothers

Aelan Chase  10/2/2008, 12:56am;  7lbs 12oz; 20 inches; proud parents Luke & Liza; proud grandparents Tom & Cindy, Mike & Lainie.

Haleigh Lynn  10/3/2008, 3:00pm;  7lbs 12oz; 19 inches; proud parents Tabatha & Chris

Noah Zechariah 10/3/2008, 11:36am; 7lbs 4oz; 21 1/2 inches; proud parents Timothy & Cherese; proud grandparents Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Brenda, & Joyce.

Willie Adrian Jr.  10/4/2008, 4:15am;  5lbs 13oz; 18 1/2 inches; proud parents Jameise & Willie Sr.; proud grandparents Lee Ann & Monique,

Audrey Lanier  10/5/2008, 9:29am;  7lbs 4oz, 19 inches; proud family Cory, Sara, Evelyn; proud grandparents Nanna, Papi, Don-Don, Papa Gary.

Aleksander Paul  10/07/2008, 3:07 am;  8lbs 13oz; 20.75 inches; proud parents Sarah & Wayne.

Austin Wayne Devon  10/09/2008, 8:08pm;  7lbs 15oz; 20 inches; proud mother Shannon; proud grandparents Debbie & Johnny.

Tayden Ameer  10/11/2008, 4:18am;  7lbs 9oz; 20 inches; proud family Lealice, Tyrell Amari; proud grandparents Vincent & Ruthie.

Kendrick Oneal  10/11/2008, 7:09am;  5lbs 14oz; 19 1/2 inches; proud family Rayon, Kendrick, Trayvon; proud grandparents Karen & Matt; proud Aunts Yonnie  & Jaden; proud cousins Jada & Justin.

Aaron Robert  10/17/2008, 7:27pm;  7lbs 0oz; 20 inches; proud family Darrell, Melissa, Luke & Hannah

John David Jr.  10/25/2008; 6:35am; 6lbs 12oz; proud family John, Michelle, Kelley & Jessica; proud grandparents Richard & Delores, Jenny, Mike.


Chandler Evan  10/28/2008; 3:20am; 6lbs 7oz; 20 3/4 inches; proud family Brian, Sharlene, Kaylen, Caleb & Katie



Nathan Alexander  10/28/2008; 8:15pm; 6lbs 8oz; 19 inches; proud family Steven, Meagan & Amelia Rose

Muriel LucyAnn  10/29/2008; 2:42am; 8lbs 5oz; 21 1/2 inches; proud family Josiah, Barbara & Kiera; proud grandparents Ken & Anita, Carl & Judy