Please note this list of birth announcements is not inclusive of all the births that occurred during this calendar month. Births included are ones in which we had signed birth announcement releases. If you do not see your birth announcement and would like it added, please contact the office for a release form. Thank you.

Carson Alexandar  5/05/2009;  10:50pm;  6lbs 13oz; 18 1/2 inches;  proud family Travis, Brandi, Chase; proud grandparents Charles & Ronnie

Mateo Antonio  5/12/2009;  1:05am;  6lbs 6oz; 19 inches; proud family Juan, Jamie, Lilyana, Elysa.  Message from family:  To our friends & family, Thank you for always being so supportive we love you.

Lucas  5/12/2009;  3:50am;  8lbs 9oz;  20 1/2 inches;  proud parents Jonathan & Robin;  proud grandparents Chester & Donna, Dexter & Marina


Noah Martin;  5/12/2009;  3:13 pm;  6 lbs 8 ozs;  19.25 inches;  proud parents Leigh & Matthew;  proud grandparents Sandra, Neil & Christine, Rich

Sophia Eleanor  5/12/2009;  3:14 pm;  5lbs 12ozs;  18.75 inches;  proud parents Leigh & Matthew;  proud grandparents Sandra, Neil & Christine, Rich


Nessa Elizabeth Eileen  5/12/2009;  5:55am;  7lbs 8oz;  19 inches;  proud family Joni, Aaron, Sagan (sister)


Lauryn Emmaliegh  5/13/2009;  1:06am;  7lbs 6oz;  19 1/2 inches;  proud family Matthew, Rachelle, Cameron, Carliegh;  proud grandparents Gunther & Monica, Greg, Anne



Aiden Mac  5/12/2009;  12:50pm;  9lbs 2oz;  20 inches;  proud parents Frank & Kristy


Olivia Caroline  5/20/2009;  11:48;  6lbs 12oz; 20 inches;  proud family Ben, Clarita,  Zoe;  proud grandparents  Robert & Mary Lois, Ervin & Martha

Philip Augatine  5/26/2009;  1:31am;  8lbs 8oz;  proud parents Amanda & Andrew;  proud grandparents Fritz & Lila, Carl & Dana

Ashanti Janay  5/28/2009;  4:39pm;  6lbs 8oz;  20 inches;  proud mother Monique; proud grandparents Elizabeth & Thresa, proud Aunts Jasmin & Lakesha

Nathaniel    5/31/2009;  3:04pm;  6lbs 9oz;  proud parents Evelyn & Karlen;  proud grandparents, Laninie, Mark Sr., Connie;  proud great-grandparents Louis, Della, Anna, Fred;  proud great great-grandparent Christine.

Miquel Dante’ Jr.  4/07/2009; 5:20am; 8lbs 4oz; 21 inches; proud parents Miquel & Rachel;  proud grandparents Lonnie & Fernandee, Alissa & Martin; proud Aunt Danielle & Uncle Marquist and a host of cousins.

Elliott Jeremiah  4/10/2009;  2:50am;  8lbs 0oz;  20 inches;  proud family Jacob, Rhea, Ethan Jacob, Erin Elizabeth; proud grandparents Dennis & Myra, Gary & Kathy, Steve; proud Uncles Nathan, Caleb, Joshua and Aunt Lindsey

April  4/12/2009; 2:16am; 8lbs 12oz; proud family Vernon, Denikia, Faith; proud grandmother Phyllis; and Rachel

Shaelyn Makenna   4/16/2009;  2:00am;  6lbs 14oz; 19 1/2 inches; proud family Steplen, Stephanie, Shelby, Shannah, Spenser;  proud grandparents Dottie & Bill, Dave & Dawn

Ashby Carter  4/18/2009;  9:07am;  9lbs 2oz; 20 1/2 inches; proud family Danny, Jessica, Ziona Rei; proud grandparents Danny & Mary, Gary & Diane

William David  4/23/2009;  2:20pm;  7lbs 15oz;  20 inches;  proud family Matt, Jenni, Patrick; proud grandparents David & Debbie, Jean

Evan Michael  4/26/2009;  2:24am;  7lbs 1oz;  20 inches;  proud family Jon, Traci, Anna, Will

Aaron Matthew  4/27/2009;  3:57am;  7lbs 13oz;  21 inches;  proud family Courtney Lucille, Aaron Matthew, Karmin Emily; proud grandparents Kathy, Kevin & Sonia, Brian, Brant; also Andrea, Bill, Rebecca, John

Jaded Alois  4/28/2009;  2:44am;  8lbs 0oz; 20 1/2 inches;  proud parents Kimberly & CW

Lawson Andrew  3/01/2009;  5:45pm; 7lbs 4oz;  19 1/2 inches; proud family Patrick, Christy, Lily Evangeline; proud grandparents CC & Kim, Alan & Susan, Louis & Patricia

Emily Willow  3/02/2009;  11:30pm; 8lbs 3oz; 21 inches; proud parents Denny & Megan

Elizabeth Rose  3/04/2009;  1:00am;  5lb 10oz;  proud parents Mike & Cindy

Tulah Nicole  3/07/2009;  3:18am; 8lbs 6oz; 20 inches; proud parents Fred & Nicole; proud grandparents Jeff & Cathy, Rich & Linda

Thomas Anthony  3/07/2009;  3:45pm; 6lbs 15oz; 20 1/2 inches; proud family Amy, Thomas, Jewel Marie; proud grandmother Toni

Moriah Faith  3/11/2009;  6:53pm; 7lbs 5oz; 19 inches; proud family Stan, Gina, Ashton, Sean, Clay, Josiah; proud grandparents Joe & Sadie, Edward & Judy

Charles Thomas  3/14/2009;  8:48; 7lbs 12oz;  21 inches; proud family Micheal, Cristina & Myra; proud grandparents Barbara & Jack;  proud Aunt Chasity, Aunt Phoenix, Cousins Bailey, Reece, Jaelyn & Laurel

Deyton Lane  3/15/2009;  5:50pm;  9lb 8oz;  22 inches;  proud parents Shoshanna & Corey;  proud grandparents Dan, Deb, Chuch, Laverne

Kiera Chanel  3/28/2009;  5:20pm;  7lb 6oz;  19 inches;  proud family Stephen, Shalaundra, Keionna, Khiry & Keion; proud grandparents Johnnie & Rose

Reyna Mikelle  3/30/2009;  11:21am;  9lbs 12oz;  21 1/2 inches;  proud parents Garry & Monica;  proud grandparents Bruce & Teresa plus aunts and cousins

Ryleigh Elise  2/02/2009;  6:25pm; 7lbs 12oz; 20 inches; proud family Kevin, Jessica, Isis & Genevieve

Judea Emani  2/4/2009; 6:15am; 10lbs 5oz; proud family Mandi, Jamal, Jalayna; proud grandparents Sonja & John; Sharon & Earl

Noah Ryan  2/5/2009; 9:50pm;  6lbs 15oz; 20 inches; proud family Ryan, Melanie, Madelyn


Lillian Blythe 2/6/2009; 1:55am;  5lbs 9oz; 17 1/2 inches; proud parents Lindsay & Daniel; proud grandparents Richard & Jill, Floyd & Martha; proud Aunt Raegan & Uncle Tayloe.


Owen Christopher  2/8/2009; 8:55; 6lbs 12oz; 19 1/2 inches;   proud family Laura, Lee, Christian Michael, Zoey Malyn; proud grandparents Connie & Jack, Jake, Linda.

Bryton Alice  2/11/2009; 3:45am; 8lbs 14oz; 20 1/2inches; proud family Bryan, Sharlene, Isis Lily, George & Gideon; proud grandparents George & Carol, Richard & Gail

Nazyia Marie  2/14/2009;  7:50am;  6lbs 14oz; 19 inches;  proud family Devin, Nihkema, Trekeyiah, Jamir; proud grandparents Sherrie. Elmore & Blanche

Addison  2/15/2009;  5:23pm;  7lbs 6oz;  20 inches; proud parents Treena & Christopher; proud grandparents Robin & Johnny, Glenda & Stanley

Burdie Grey  2/21/2009;  4:20am; 7lbs 14oz; 19 1/2 inches; proud family Dana, Zac, Silo, Miles; proud grandparents Tom & Carolyn, Mariou, Nancy; proud Auntie Isabel, Uncle Ben, Uncle Alan &  Auntie Debbie

Tommy Jr 2/21/2009;  10:33am;  7lbs 5oz;  proud family India, Tommy, Mya & Tameshia


Lauren Marie 2/23/2009;  12:19pm; 6lbs 11oz; 17 3/4 inches; proud parents John & Christin; proud grandparents Marie & Taylor, Dorothy; proud Uncle Alex



Stephen John  2/24/2009; 7:00am; 8lbs 4oz; 21 inches; proud parents Sarah &  Ricardo; proud Grandparents Allison & Dan

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The Midwife Group

Heidi, who is one of our January moms, husband was overseas when their son was born but with the help of modern technology and our birth assistant Heidi Longenberger helped Dad be present at the birth of his child.  See the attached link for the news report from WTOC

Thousands of miles away, a Marine was able to watch the birth of his first son thanks to the group called and a little piece of technology.

Eli Seago  1/1/2009; 4:20am;  8lbs 9oz; 21 inches; proud parents Lisa & Daniel; proud grandparents Bea & Charles, Toby & Flo

Lucas Dupree  1/6/2009;  5:27am;  7lbs 11oz; proud parents Brittney & Carlos; proud grandparents Cindy, Shelby, Johnny; proud great grandparents Shirley & Arnice, Delorse; Aunts & Uncles – Sarah, Destiny & Tyler.

Jamel Raymond Wayne  1/11/2009;  10:52;  5lbs 14oz; 18 inches;  proud parents Cassandra & James; proud grandmoth Debbie; proud aunts Nikki & Crystal

Gabriella (Gaby) Renee  1/17/2009; 12:51am;  7lbs 0oz; 19 inches; proud family Dana, David, Deueney; proud grandparents Debra & David

Grayson Wiliam  1/18/2009; 5:03am; 8lbs 11oz; 20 inches; proud family Amber, Merrick, Keenan

Jacob Andrew  1/23/2009;  1:23am;  7lbs 8oz; proud parents Jeremiah & Heidi; proud grandparents  Andrew & Trina, Joe & Marcia

Asher John-Ryan  1/29/2009;  6lbs 11oz;  19 1/2 inches;  proud parents Emily & John;  proud grandparents John & Kathy, Pat & Dave