Miquel Dante’ Jr.  4/07/2009; 5:20am; 8lbs 4oz; 21 inches; proud parents Miquel & Rachel;  proud grandparents Lonnie & Fernandee, Alissa & Martin; proud Aunt Danielle & Uncle Marquist and a host of cousins.

Elliott Jeremiah  4/10/2009;  2:50am;  8lbs 0oz;  20 inches;  proud family Jacob, Rhea, Ethan Jacob, Erin Elizabeth; proud grandparents Dennis & Myra, Gary & Kathy, Steve; proud Uncles Nathan, Caleb, Joshua and Aunt Lindsey

April  4/12/2009; 2:16am; 8lbs 12oz; proud family Vernon, Denikia, Faith; proud grandmother Phyllis; and Rachel

Shaelyn Makenna   4/16/2009;  2:00am;  6lbs 14oz; 19 1/2 inches; proud family Steplen, Stephanie, Shelby, Shannah, Spenser;  proud grandparents Dottie & Bill, Dave & Dawn

Ashby Carter  4/18/2009;  9:07am;  9lbs 2oz; 20 1/2 inches; proud family Danny, Jessica, Ziona Rei; proud grandparents Danny & Mary, Gary & Diane

William David  4/23/2009;  2:20pm;  7lbs 15oz;  20 inches;  proud family Matt, Jenni, Patrick; proud grandparents David & Debbie, Jean

Evan Michael  4/26/2009;  2:24am;  7lbs 1oz;  20 inches;  proud family Jon, Traci, Anna, Will

Aaron Matthew  4/27/2009;  3:57am;  7lbs 13oz;  21 inches;  proud family Courtney Lucille, Aaron Matthew, Karmin Emily; proud grandparents Kathy, Kevin & Sonia, Brian, Brant; also Andrea, Bill, Rebecca, John

Jaded Alois  4/28/2009;  2:44am;  8lbs 0oz; 20 1/2 inches;  proud parents Kimberly & CW