The Midwife Group and Birth Center was developed out of the following beliefs:

  • The care of the childbearing family is an integral and legitimate aspect of primary care.
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth are normal, physiologic functions that are enhanced by excellent professional and self care
  • Childbearing women and their families have the right to choose the setting from which they receive care and give birth.
  • Low risk childbearing women and their healthy newborns can be safely cared for in a primary care setting
  • A birth setting that is “low tech” but “high touch” enhances the dignity and inherent strength of the childbearing woman and her family.
  • Nurse midwives can safely provide competent and compassionate care to low risk childbearing women and their health newborns.
  • Women have the right to choose a Certified Nurse Midwife as their primary care provider.